Bringing the Network Design Course to Your City

Would you like to take my Interactive Course In Transit Network Design in your city?  You can do this three ways.  In increasing order of cost and payoff, these are:

  1. Expressing interest in registering.
  2. Sponsoring and/or investing in the course offering.
  3. Fully sponsoring the course.

1.  Express Interest in Registering

If you (and better still, several of you) would like the course offered in a major city, get with your friends and colleagues and find out how many would be likely to register.  Actual dates will be selected about 6 weeks in advance.  The prices for 2013 are as follows:

  • Base registration: $395 in Portland, $450 elsewhere in the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones. $495 in other US time zones.  Canada CA$495+GST in Pacific and Mountain, CA$550+GST elsewhere.
  • Early bird discount for payment >2 weeks in advance: 5%
  • Fulltime student discount: 10%
  • Discount for 5 or more registered at once: 10%
  • Maximum combined discounts 15%

To express interest, send an email to  Be sure to say in the subject line which city you’re in and how many you think would register at these prices.

2.   Partial Sponsorship/Investment

You can partly sponsor the course, and this can easily turn out to be an investment that gives you a slight return.  Minimum investment is $1500.  Here’s the deal:

  • Your organization makes a financial investment in the course offering, typically a percentage of the total break-even cost which ranges from $5000-8000 depending on the North American city.  (See note on Barter below for opportunites to make in-kind investments.)
  • All registration revenue comes to us until we hit the break even point.  Then all revenue comes to you until you have gotten your money back.  Then, further income is split according to the percentage of your investment.  Revenue is distributed only after the course, as you do share in cancellation risk due to events beyond our control.  In practice, your maximum payoff if the course sells out is in the range of +20-50%.  
  • Obviously, you’re then motivated to assist me in promoting the course in your city.

3.  Full Sponsorship

An organization that wants me to offer the course to their own staff, stakeholders, etc can purchase my services to do so.  Costs in 2014 range from $6,000-$10,000 depending on location, generally cheaper closer to Portland and in places where lodging is more affordable.

In this case, my fee is my sole compensation and you can sell or give away the spaces however you like.  Note however, that spaces given away free often yield less motivated students, and this can be a problem in a highly interactive course like this one.

Bartering of Venue, Catering, and Lodging

Finally, options 1 and 2 above can also include offering the use of a venue, catering, and lodging if these are suitable to JWA.  For the two-day course, a suitable venue and snack catering (not meal catering) can be traded for three free registrations (under option 1) or as a partial investment of corresponding value (under option 2).  You can download our room and catering specifications here:    Room Needs.pdf

Please contact me at for more on these options.