Journalism and Commentary

For twenty years, Jarrett Walker has been explaining transit to a wide range of audiences, in the context of both advocacy and specific planning projects.  In 2009, he began his professional blog, which attempted to synthesize these explanations for the public while also providing useful and sometimes entertaining commentary.  Two years later his blog grew into his book Human Transit, which provides a thorough explanation of transit’s basics, and the interesting questions that they require communities to think about.

Jarrett is often asked to do print interviews or write commentary pieces for major publications, including newspapers of record such as the Sydney Morning Herald.  Recent examples have included:

  • Atlanta Journal Constitution, opinion article, “Streetcar is Cool, but Will It Be Useful?”  13 May 2013
  • Willamette Week, the oldest free weekly in Portland, Oregon.  Interview published on 7 Dec 2011.
  • Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia.  Commentary article, “Out of the Jam: How to Get Sydney Back on Track,” published on 1 Mar 2010.
  • Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia.  Short commentary as part of “Should Motorists Pay for the Congestion They Cause?”  (A terrible formulation of the question!)  Published 19 Feb 2010.

He is also a frequent contributor at The Atlantic’s online magazine of urban issues, CityLab.  Key pieces have included:

He has done numerous radio and television interviews.  Links, where present, lead to audio files.

Kansas City


  • CBC “On the Coast” 3 Aug 2010.
  • Shaw TV “Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer” 3 Aug 2010.
  • CBC morning drive, 17 Jan 2012.


  • 2GB (Sydney’s largest talk radio station) interview, 4 Jan 2012


  • ABC 666: Transport Forum with Alex Sloan, interview/debate with Graham Currie of Monash Univ.  20 Oct 2010


  • KSEE 24 TV News, “Sunrise with Faith Sidlow” interview, 27 Oct 2010.


  • CBC Radio Canada, 24 Jan 2012