10-Year Vision Phase 2 Bus Network Planning

In 2017, JWA assisted TransLink in the development of the bus network elements of Phase 2 of the 10-Year Vision for transit in the Lower Mainland. The 10-Year Vision is long-term investment plan designed to improve all aspects of the region’s transportation system; Phase 1 began implementation in 2017, while Phase 2 will begin in 2019.

JWA’s services included:

  • Authoring a Baseline Conditions Analysis identifying current network needs and opportunities around capacity, coverage, and ridership potential
  • Compiling a draft project list of bus network improvement projects drawn from past small area plans and deep analysis of ridership and performance data, including cost estimates and coverage impacts
  • Assisting in refinement of project list into several packages at different budget levels
  • Conducting a preliminary alternatives analysis of different alignment options for two future rapid bus (B-Line) corridors

In 2018, JWA provided advice on branding and communication for the relaunch of TransLink’s rapid bus service type. Ultimately, this resulted in the development of a new “RapidBus” brand within the service hierarchy, replacing the previous less-distinctive “B-Line” branding.