What We Do


JWA is built on decades of expertise in designing public transit networks. JWA’s network design and planning work ranges from short-range, implementation-ready service plans to long-term vision documents. Working collaboratively with clients and their stakeholders, we develop plans that reflect both community values and technical facts, and that build an agency’s capacity to have clearer conversations in the future.

Service Equity Analyses

As part of a complete network redesign or more targeted service changes, JWA helps transit agencies assess the impacts and benefits of changes on specific populations. Within the US, this often includes a Title VI Service Equity Analysis, to document how lower-income residents, minority residents and existing riders would be affected by proposed changes. JWA brings cutting-edge measures to bear on these important questions, from traditional measures of proximity to bus stops, to sophisticated analyses of job and education access within a reasonable commute time.

Public Engagement

As a component of larger planning efforts, or as a standalone effort, JWA has extensive experience designing and conducting public and stakeholder engagement. The JWA approach is founded on a commitment to two-way conversations in which participants are heard but also educated about the real choices they face for their transit network.


Effective planning is almost always founded on strong policy. JWA is an innovator in constructing transit polices that answer the real questions and give effect to local values. Our policy work helps local governments clarify their transportation needs and priorities into actionable policy statements, directly informing network design and planning.


JWA is often called upon by cities, regional governments, transit agencies and transit advocacy organizations to offer an outside look into specific transit issues. JWA’s broad national and international experience, and track record of innovative thinking, helps reframe frustrating transit questions ways that make it possible to answer them.


JWA staff are in demand as speakers at conferences, and at special events designed to stimulate a community’s thinking about transit. Such events are often combined with interactive workshops that help civic leaders explore their options.


Our courses and educational workshops serve a range of audiences from entry-level to executive. In training events ranging from a few hours to several days, we lead urban planners, architects, activists, journalists or civic leaders through interactive exercises and lessons that boost their expertise in how transit actually works.