Anchorage Frequent Transit Network Vision

The City of Anchorage provides a fixed-route transit network to most of its urban area and nearby suburban towns. One route offers 20-minute frequency, but the rest of the network is made up of low-frequency services.

The transit ambitions of Anchorage residents have been growing, and the current coverage-oriented network may no longer serve their values. Beginning in 2015, JWA has been helping the city develop a vision for a future transit network.

A part of this process, JWA has delivered:

  • Publication of a Choices Report, illuminating the trade-offs that Anchorage stakeholders and elected officials will need to make if they wish to change their transit system
  • A keynote lecture and public kick-off event at the Art Museum
  • A day-long, interactive workshop for transit’s business, real estate, social services, rider and environmental stakeholders
  • A web survey, in five languages