Columbus Transit System Review

In 2013 and 2014 Jarrett Walker + Associates joined IBI Associates to conduct a network redesign project, similar to what is often called Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), for the Central Ohio Transit Authority, which serves the greater Columbus metro area.

JWA’s role included:

  • Leading the transit agency Board through debates over unavoidable trade-offs, especially the trade-off between maximizing ridership and providing coverage to all areas.
  • Facilitating design workshops for planning staff members, to develop a network plans illustrating different balance-points between ridership and coverage and to develop the final recommended networks and services.
  • Providing all mapping, costing, GIS analysis, description and quantitative evaluation of the alternatives.
  • Facilitating public, stakeholder, and Board discussions and policy decisions.
  • Developing service standards and a performance monitoring program to in keeping with the policy decisions made throughout this process.

The recommendations and report were finalized in October 2014, and implementation is currently planned for mid-2017.