Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) Transit Development Plan

Building off the work that JWA completed with Michael Baker International for the Richmond Transit Network Plan, we developed a 10-year transit development plan for GRTC, leading network planning and stakeholder engagement as part of this planning process.

With the completion of the Transit Network Plan which focused on the City of Richmond, GRTC wished to engage the surrounding counties, in particular Henrico County, in a larger conversation about the 10-year transit needs for the region.

To facilitate the public conversation about the redesigned system, JWA worked with Baker and agency staff to create a set of two Conceptual Alternatives illustrating how GRTC and Henrico County could choose to move in divergent directions in the long-term. These Concepts generated ample discussion about improving and expanding transit in the county. The County eventually decided to head in a hybrid direction, and the resulting recommendations in the Transit Development Plan included parts of both the ridership and coverage concepts.

The JWA and Baker team then developed a draft Transit Development Plan for the entire GRTC service area including Richmond, Henrico, and Chesterfield in April 2018.

As part of the TDP, JWA staff has:

  • Analyzed existing land use and transit service conditions
  • Analyzed individual route performance, including its relation it to land use, walkability, street connectivity and other factors
  • Led a Core Design Retreat, in which Henrico County and transit agency staff joined the consulting team to design two future conceptual networks
  • Designed public and stakeholder involvement to gather actionable input from a diverse range of people
  • Conducted media briefings
  • Facilitated workshops of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee, including a network design training