Highway 99E Corridor Transit Service Planning

In 2017 and 2018, JWA developed a transit service and implementation plan for the Salem-Keizer Transit agency (which serves the state’s capitol) and the City of Canby (a small exurban city on the edge of the Portland region). The two urban areas are linked by the historic state highway, which also connects a string of small towns and highway-oriented businesses to one another and to the urban areas.

JWA assessed existing conditions, which included observations of existing ridership and surveys of bus operators. JWA then created alternative service delivery plans, through which one or both operators could provide the service while ensuring seamless connections across their jurisdictional boundaries.

Timed connections may be an important aspect of this future service, allowing people to use it in combination with other intercity services without a long wait to transfer. Investing in the Highway 99E linkage would add to a growing network of timed connections in the Willamette Valley. Managing multiple timed connections across multiple agencies is particularly complex, and JWA advised both agencies on how to approach planning for services that are locally funded, but have regional as well as local benefits, and that require a long staff commitment to implement successfully.

JWA delivered a final report and recommendations in June 2018.