Moscow Inner City Bus Network Redesign

In 2016 Jarrett Walker + Associates was retained to help redesign the bus network of inner Moscow.  The occasion of the redesign was the transformation of a major inner city loop street – the Kremlin Ring – from one-way to two-way operation.  Major bus lines had previously been forced to terminate by looping the Kremlin Ring, but after this change they could now be operated two-way across the city, which raised the potential to combine lines from different directions into longer lines traversing the core.  A range of other deferred issues were explored at the same time.

JWA’s key role was to lead a Core Design Workshop including staff of the Moscow Dept. of Transport and the main operating company Mosgotrans.  Most of the ideas of the redesign were developed collaboratively at this workshop.   JWA then prepared a report describing the plan and its benefits.