New Zealand’s largest city is behind the curve on public transport, but it has strong consensus on ambitious goals, and the dramatic isthmus site is a promising location for a more sustainable city in the future.   Old commuter rail lines are being turned into rapid transit, and the next step is the huge bus network redesign now underway, based Jarrett Walker's 2012 work with MRCagney for Auckland Transport.

Jarrett Walker’s work in Auckland dates back to 2009, when we began working with MRCagney on Bus Rapid Transit projects there.  Later, he helped develop some of the background case for a redesign of the bus network.

In 2012, Auckland Transport retained Jarrett Walker and MRCagney to help guide this total redesign of the city’s bus network. Jarrett facilitated the intensive staff workshops in which the new network design was hammered out, and helped build the case for the new design.  Since then, Jarrett has returned at least twice a year to run staff trainings and executive workshops to build understanding of the plan, and to advise on public consultation and implementation strategies.