Salem Cherriots Comprehensive Operational Analysis

Jarrett Walker leads a stakeholder workshop.

Jarrett Walker leads an interactive workshop with Salem-area stakeholders.

In 2013 and 2014, a team led by Jarrett Walker + Associates conducted a Comprehensive System Analysis for Salem-Keizer Transit in Oregon.

The focus of this analysis was a redesign of the Salem-Keizer Cherriots local network, which the agency implemented in 2015.

Before the network design process began, JWA facilitated discussions and decisions by the Board, staff and stakeholders about:

  • How to balance coverage and productivity goals within the network and the budget
  • How to balance walking and waiting
  • Whether and how to serve developments that do not orient towards transit

In spring of 2014, JWA finalized with Salem-Keizer Transit both Short-Term and Long-Term operations plans and networks, for a range of future revenue scenarios.