I’m Jarrett Walker, the author of Human Transit, and I’m ready to help you think about public transportation in your community. For 20 years, I’ve been helping governments improve and explain their public transit services, including:

  • Leading the design or redesign of transit networks.
  • Helping choose the right transit tools for a situation.
  • Analyzing transit data and integrating it with local goals.
  • Leading innovative public outreach processes that engage and empower the public.
  • Helping explain transit principles and the real choices they imply for communities and leaders (the core task of my book).
  • Integrating transit into urban planning and development.
  • Writing and speaking on the topic.
  • Teaching transit planning and policy, in both lecture and interactive courses.

While I do high-quality analysis, I’m not an engineer. My training is 20 years of doing this work successfully in many cities, along with a PhD in a literature field. That means I know how to relate technical concepts to big-picture ideas about what communities want, and what they fear. I’m familiar with the evolving ideas of urbanism and can engage a range of city planning and urban design perspectives. I can also help navigate the politics of a project, including seeing the opportunities for win-wins, and proposing presentation styles that encourage constructive thinking by stakeholders and the public.

Please browse my experience either by place, or by topic using the links on the blue bar above.