Daniel Costantino


Daniel Costantino is an experienced urban planner with expertise in public transit planning and sustainable development consulting. As a Principal Associate, Daniel works directly with clients on analyzing transit system performance, redesigning transit networks, and managing the public and policy-maker conversations that are integral to the success of transit plans. His clients have included public transit agencies, local and state governments, and for-profit companies in the US and abroad.

Daniel’s combination of technical and people-focused experience has honed his ability to communicate complex information to many audiences and support confident decision-making.


Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Portland State University, 2009

Bachelor of Arts (First-Class Honours), Geography, McGill University, 2005

Positions Held

2016 – present:           Senior Associate (2016-2017) and Principal Associate (2018-present)           Jarrett Walker + Associates (Portland, OR)

2010 – 2015:               Planner, Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E & E) (Portland, OR and Casablanca, Morocco)

2009 – 2010:               GIS Technician, Transportation Modeling Division, Metro (Portland, OR)

2007 – 2009:               Research Analyst, TREC, Portland State University, Portland, OR

2006 – 2007:               Transportation Analyst, KFH Group (Bethesda, MD)

Public Transit Planning and Network Design

Daniel has worked on a variety of transit network design, planning, evaluation, and mapping efforts.

  • Monterey-Salinas, CA (2020-present): Leading a countywide network plan for a large area with major rural and urban populations, county which represents the entire state of California in microcosm. Managing a large team of experts including Dan Boyle & Associates and AMMA Transit Planning, who are providing operational expertise, service planning, financial planning and public involvement support.
  • Tucson, AZ (2018-2020): Led the development of a Long-Range Regional Transit Plan for an urban area of 800,000 with a major state university. Included assessing existing service, developing medium- and long-term scenarios that to expand the frequent network and improve evening and weekend service, and assessing the value of BRT and streetcar projects.
  • Eugene, OR (2018-ongoing): Led the consultant team on Transit Tomorrow, a comprehensive analysis of transit in a university town of 300,000 with a recently-expanded BRT route. In response to public input, developed a Draft Plan shifting resources toward higher ridership and more weekend service.
  • Kansas City, MO (2019-ongoing): Managing redesign of the RideKC network in Kansas City, MO. Evaluated existing service, gathered public input on values and priorities, and released a Draft Network Plan in February 2020. Second round of public input recently ended.
  • Richmond, VA (2016-17): Analyzed existing service and participated in developing the bus network proposed in the Richmond Transit Network Plan. Developed operating cost estimates for the daytime and night-time network. Analyzed end-of-line and transfer facility requirements.
  • Grants Pass, OR (2016-17): Managed development of a long-range Transit Master Plan in a city of 40,000, including network design in a very constrained budgetary environment.
  • Seattle, WA (2016): Developed, analyzed and presented new routing patterns to reduce bus volumes on key downtown streets while maintaining passenger throughput, taking advantage of new through-routings and connections to Link light rail.
  • Tigard, OR (2016): Examined operational issues in relocating a suburban Transit Center near Portland. Developed and presented three reconfiguration alternatives, reconciling the technical requirements of future light rail, planned mixed-use developments, and bus connections.

Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

Daniel has led and helped facilitate workshops engaging stakeholders in public transit, emergency operations and disaster recovery and resiliency plans.

  • Transit Planning Workshops (2016-ongoing): Helping stakeholders learn the basics of transit planning as part of JWA-led planning efforts in multiple cities.
  • Core Design Retreats (2016-ongoing): Leading and assisting in network design workshops with transit agencies and their local agency partners.
  • Colorado Local Resilience Plans (2015): Facilitated plan review sessions for local Resiliency Steering Committees convening local, state, non-profit and business interests (with E & E).

Complex Project Management

Daniel has managed multi-year projects involving complex combinations of clients, partners and subcontractors and achieved successful outcomes, including:

  • Ville Verte Mohammed VI (2010-2014): Managed sustainability advice and LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) certification for a green city development. Reported to state-owned firm’s sustainability division while assisting Project Owner based in another division. Coordinated with separately contracted Owner’s Representative to provide direction to French and Moroccan designers. Delivered LEED ND Silver approval (with E & E).
  • Morocco, Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (2012-2015): Managed LEED for New Construction (LEED NC) certification for university buildings under similar client arrangement. Provided direction to French and Spanish architects and engineers. Managed subcontractors based in the US and Spain. Main building achieved LEED NC Silver certification (with E & E).