JWA Recent News Winter 2020

2019 has provided no shortage of exciting new projects that we are thrilled to be a part of.  Right now, we’re in the midst of network design projects in Miami, Kansas City, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chattanooga, and Norfolk Virginia, among others.  Here’s some of the work we’d like to highlight:

Dublin, Ireland

We just finished our work on a complete network redesign project in Dublin, Ireland as part of the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) BusConnects project.  This network redesign is intended to increase bus ridership in the Dublin Metropolitan Area, which encompasses over 1.4 million people over several counties. The project reorganizes most of the city’s radial services into super-frequent “spines”, redistributes service to create frequent “orbital” (cross-town) routes, increases frequency in outer areas by ending routes at suburban centers, and defines a high-frequency service brand.

After extensive public outreach that resulted in over 50,000 individual comments by people throughout the city, we worked with representatives from the NTA, Dublin Bus and the five local government authorities to refine the network proposal that now includes 4.6 million annual revenue hours.

This is our first job in the European Union, and we hope to see it on the streets in a year or two.  To learn more about this project, visit busconnects.ie


In May 2019 we initiated a new bus network redesign study in Miami, working with the local transit advocacy group Transit Alliance. The network redesign will look at all Miami-Dade Transit routes as well as the trolley routes operated by the Cities of Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables. Over the last five years, the Metrobus system has lost about 1/4 of its riders, which has caused Miami-Dade leadership to question the current bus network and how well it’s serving the county. We worked with Transit Alliance, the County, and others to explore key value questions, like their balance between ridership and coverage goals, and brought two contrasting network concepts to the public for discussion and debate.  Based on the feedback from that process, we’re now finalizing a new, redesigned network for consideration later this year.  For more information on this project, see the Better Bus Project website here.

Salt Lake City

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has launched Service Choices, a public conversation about the future of bus service in the big “Wasatch Front” metro area that includes Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, and everything around and between them.  We worked with UTA to develop a survey on priorities or transit, which wrapped up at the end of May and based on what we heard, we began work with UTA on a new vision for the bus network in October 2019. We’re continuing to refine this network before it is presented to the public in 2020.


Bus network design isn’t all we do, and this is a year of branching out.  We are doing more long-range planning, including the Tucson Long Range Transit Plan this year. We’re helping universities and private companies think about transit and working on corridor-level bus-priority studies.  Some of these projects include:

Princeton University Mobility Plan

We’re currently working with Princeton University analyze their campus’ mobility needs, and think through how transit, walking, and bikeshare can play complementary roles in helping people get to and around campus.

Portland Rose Lane Project

In our own hometown, we’re working with the Portland Bureau of Transportation on the Rose Lanes Project- the first citywide effort to study potential transit speed and reliability improvements in the city.  The initial concepts for a network of transit priority lanes throughout the city were presented in December 2019 and using our analysis, city staff are currently refining the design of these transit priority measures and will bring this to project to city council early this year.  See more on PBOT’s project website here.