Located in the modern metropolis of  north Texas, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) implemented a redesigned network in early 2022.

In 2019 Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) hired JWA to redesign its regional bus network. DART serves 13 fast-growing cities with a large network of bus, rail and on-demand transit services.

The JWA-led team started a public conversation about the goals for transit in the community, and then redesigned the network accordingly. Public engagement began just as the Covid-19 pandemic halted public gatherings, so most engagement was virtual.

After gathering public input, JWA facilitated in-person and virtual network design workshops for planning staff from DART, its 13 cities, the County and the Council of Governments. JWA also engaged throughout the project with the DART Board of Directors and local City Councils.

The redesigned network was implemented in January 2022. It increased the number of residents near transit service, the number of jobs the average resident could reach in a reasonable commute time, and the number of residents and jobs near frequent, all-day service. These benefits were greatest for lower-income people and minority people.

The new network also reduced peaking and schedule complexity, and thereby reduced operator and vehicle requirements.

JWA is now assisting DART with a future service plan for further investments in bus service and infrastructure.