Miami, where the US meets and mixes with Latin America, has a countywide transit agency mixed with municipal transit systems covering several of the county's cities.  A robust advocacy group was the key to success there.

Transit Alliance of Miami, an advocacy foundation with deep roots in the community, raised the funding and hired us to lead a redesign study for the transit network spanning massive Miami-Dade County (population 2.5 million).  Throughout, Miami-Dade transit, the county transit agency, was an eager partner, along with city staffs from Miami, Miami Beach, and Doral.

Our study laid out contrasting alternatives for the public to consider, and also developed ideas for how to improve the integration between countywide services and the many smaller transit operations run by various cities.

When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, we expanded our Draft Plan report to include a Resilience Plan, describing priorities for retaining service if financial crisis due to falling revenues were to require service reductions in the future.

The plan was adopted by the county Board of Commissioners in 2020, as is moving toward implementation.