Russia's capital is famous for its beautiful and extensive metro, but much of this city of 12 million relies on buses.

The Moscow Department of Transport, contracting through the Plekhanov University of Economics, has twice hired JWA to help with a redesign of the massive and archaic bus system.

In 2017, Jarrett led a design workshop in Moscow to help staff from the City and transit operator develop a new configuration for bus services through the city centre, described in detail here.  The plan, implemented the following year, radically simplified bus service through the centre and dramatically expanded ridership.

In 2020, JWA began advising the City of the larger process of redesigning the network across the entire city.  Our guidance included both documents laying out recommended thought processes, and routine two-hour workshops by video where we reviewed work in progress, facilitated design sessions on sample areas, with the goal of simultaneously creating the best plan and improving the staff’s capacity to develop good network ideas.  JWA’s role also included advising the City on communications strategies and data analysis methods.