System Maps and Public Information

JWA leverages our 10+ years of experience working with transit agencies to develop beautiful reports and planning-level network maps to provide custom wayfinding and system discovery products. We believe that while smartphones and trip planning applications have reshaped how riders use the system, an agency’s own clear maps and schedules are still an essential tool for helping people discover the range of possibilities transit can provide. Our maps help draw attention to the attributes of transit service that people time and time again rate most important – frequency, span, and connections.

Our map design team has developed a variety of products for transit agencies big and small, including full system maps, individual route maps, route brochures and timetables, and rider guides.

Where have we worked?

AC Transit, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Miami-Dade Transit, and Akron METRO are among the agencies that are currently using JWA maps as their primary public-facing maps. JWA has made both system maps and route brochures for Valley Regional Transit (Boise, ID), and Suffolk County Transit (NY). JWA led a full redesign of all products for Suffolk County Transit, including development of a rider guide and support for a new website.

How do we do it?

Our overarching goal with any project is to create tools for system discovery – that is, helping people understand where they can go on transit. Each project starts with a kick-off and high-level visioning exercise to understand the goals for a new system map and any preferences or agency guidelines for the design. We strive to produce a final product that makes the network clear and easy to understand for riders, and offers a helpful tool for a range of communication efforts.

Over the course of the project, we meet regularly to show progress and to get feedback on the work as it happens. Our experienced cartographers and graphic designers build their files with structures and systems to maximize the efficiency of long-term product continuity so our clients have maps, brochures, and guides that they can feel confident about maintaining for years to come.

At the end of the project, we always provide our clients with the original art files and guidance for updates, in addition to the completed products.