Where We’ve Worked

  • Raleigh

    The largest of the three cities in North Carolina's burgeoning Research Triangle is contemplating its transit options as it prepares for another decade of rapid growth.

  • Tucson

    Situated beneath the Santa Catalina mountains of southern Arizona, Tucson has been an important center for the southwest region for hundreds of years. In recent decades, this Sun Belt metropolis has experienced some of the fastest population growth rates of any American city, as people arrive seeking employment, education, or a life in a place of unique natural beauty.

  • Toronto

    Transit is an urgent issue in the Greater Toronto Area, where rapid growth is causing overcrowding and there is clearly no more room for cars.  The area features several municipal-scale transit agencies and a regional rail and bus system.  Toronto itself is famous for challenging debates about major transit investments.

  • Brisbane

    Brisbane is famous for its extensive river ferry system, and also for the highest-quality continuous busway network in the developed world.

  • Houston

    Houston is famously sprawling and car-dependent, but it has moved quickly in recent years to address its intense transit needs.

  • Vancouver

    Vancouver is the newest high-density metropolis in North America, having developed most of its density since 1970.  With the opening of the world's first driverless rapid transit in 1986, it's long been a leader in North American transit.


  • Indianapolis

    Indiana's capital is experiencing a downtown renaissance triggered in part by active transportation projects like the Cultural Trail and bikeshare system.  Now, a transit plan focused on deploying new rapid transit bus lines on the horizon.

  • Las Vegas

    The high-speed boulevards of Las Vegas are a challenging environment for transit, but transit demand is also off the charts.  The core of the citywide market is the Resort Corridor, encompassing the Las Vegas Strip and downtown, where key lines run at a profit.

  • Edmonton

    Edmonton is a prairie metropolis built partly on oil wealth that boasts a vibrant urban core and fast-growing transit system.

  • Salem

    Situated in the center of the Willamette Valley, Oregon's capital encounters unique challenges and opportunities as it seeks to better match its transit services to the needs of its residents.

  • Minneapolis

    Minneapolis and St Paul are often rivals, but both have strong commitments to sustainable transportation.

  • Spokane

    Spokane features beautiful hillside districts of historic homes alongside easy horizontal growth and the challenges of maintaining strong centers, including downtown.

  • Columbus

    Ohio's fast-growing capital city is working to improve the utility and viability of transit for its citizens.